At Lash Touch Studio., our expert lash artists conduct thorough consultations with every client to help determine what length, curl, and shape would best suit the client’s eyes, taking into consideration both your style preference and the current health of your natural eyelashes.

Eyelash Lift & Tinting

A lash lift is a service that adds curl to your natural lashes. The service takes only 30 minutes, and pairs well with a lash tint.

Lash lifts work best for people who have naturally long lashes that are straighter in shape. Lifts last up to 5 weeks and ready for applying make-up right after that!

Eyebrow Tinting

Skip the brow pencil!

Eyebrows and eyelashes flatter your features and frame your face. An eyebrow tinting service is a perfect solution for those who have lighter or blond brows or for someone who just does not wish to draw brow every day. 


Microblading is considered to be permanent makeup. It is done using a very fine blade to deposit pigment into the epidermis. The results are natural-looking hair-like strokes, regardless of the amount of hair you currently have


REGULAR FACIAL (50 mins) that pamper and relax the skin. Beginning with calming cleanse which is followed by a steam jet helps to open pores. Exfoliation follow, leaving skin feeling deeply cleansed and free of city pollutants – this facial is all about a fresh start for your complexion. Regular Facial is designed to help restore sun-damaged, dry skin using image vitamin C products for brightening and lightening.

SIGNATURE FACIAL (60 mins) that work on a pain-equals-gain basis and included beginning steps as same as regular facial. Signature Facial 60 minutes includes regular facial and microdermabrasion which help your skin looks clear, elasticity, and fade pigmentation. It also includes a neck, shoulder, and facial massage leaving you feeling relaxed and restored.


Waxing is well-known as the best way for facial hair removal.The wax is usually warmed so that it can be distributed evenly over the skin and in the direction of the hair growth. From Eyebrows, Upper Lips /Chin to Underarms

Lash Touch Studio covers it all!